From the interview with Dante Corti

Borgo Venezia, Monday 09/12/2002, 14.00

At the time I was still very young, I was working in the dairy at Monte Gibbio. The fascists, the Germans used to come past every day to get cheese and butter, while in the evening the partisans would come along. And since there were some friends of mine among them – they must have been two or three years older than me but we’d grown up in the same neighbourhood together, and they came because I used to hide the butter to give them, and when the Germans and the fascists came I’d say, “The partisans came and stuck their guns in my face so I had to give it to them!”. But I used to hide it away on purpose because I wanted to give it to them. I mean, I liked them a lot. In fact, in the end – because then we used to make Parmesan cheese up until around the beginning of November and then we’d close down – when the dairy shut up shop, I went back home and recruited too […].