Going Public '04 Artists

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this group founded by Francesco Jodice is made up of researchers in various fields: from the arts, to international relations, from IT to film-making, to journalism. Through Scenario, they invite us to assume a more playful approach with regard to world geography. Therefore, using an interactive map, everyone can alter territorial boundaries as they wish. The "Scenario" project has been specially designed for Going Public'04, and it has been held with a performance and a film in Piazza della Pomposa in Modena.

Present for the FIRST TIME in Italy.

a group of Russian architects. Through their Islam Project, they propose an architectural rereading in line with the canons of Islamic culture. The group has put together a display to be held in the entrance hall of Modena Train Station consisting of the hand-woven tapestries which nomads once hung around the inside of their tents (vurte) both as decoration and as protection from the wind. Designed by them, the tapestries have been woven by a group of Ukrainian women living in Modena.

a group of urban artists/architects operating in Milan and Genoa (hence the name A12: the motorway that connects the two cities). They are the originators of the concept of the Moveable Biennial; that is, an art biennial which travels beyond the boundaries of the its starting place. For "Going Public'04" they have come up with a new work, placing the idea of the Moveable Biennial in relation to the city, starting with images gathered directly from the Panini Photography Archives.

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