Going Public '04 Artists

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artist and sociologist. One of the most prominent and committed artists on the European scene, he will hold a lecture (specially prepared for Going Public 04) on the theme of the confines within his own artistic development.

a multi-faceted group of architects, musicians and sociologists, founded in 1995 by Raul Cardenas. They focus their social and scientific commitment on an analysis of the problems relating to the Mexico-USA border. With the "SOS-architettura de emergencia" project, they produce clothing, housing and temporary shelter for the have-nots.

Present for the FIRST TIME in Italy.

photographer. She here presents a new map of the Palestinian borders from the point of view of the Nomad villages of the Negev desert, in the south of Palestine, borders already ignored in the Israeli maps, as if they no longer existed.

Present for the FIRST TIME in Italy.

a group of architects, artists, photographers, sociologists, founded by Stefano Boeri. Here they revive the project specially created for Going Public 03 in the underpass of Modena Train Station, based on the research project entitled "USE, Uncertain States of Europe".

writer, journalist, videomaker. His work is aimed at studying the conditions of the Egyptian people and cities. In his series of art videos, which will be on show at the Cinema Truffaut, the artist develops a language both poetic and political in which the urban space interacts directly with its inhabitants.

offers a new way of mapping out contemporary cities through the urban expansion of Mediterranean Greece. With the NoMAD (Non Metropolitan Areas Data) project, the artist explores and documents the transformation of the Greek territory. Through her large online database, the artist has compiled info on the great number of cases in which the borders between public and private life overlap.

Present for the FIRST TIME in Italy.

His work is based on a study of the situation on the Cypriot borderline between Greece and Turkey, and in particular on the phenomenon of the "host cities", the towns abandoned because of the Cypriot conflict. In these empty, desolate places, Zaphos has collected the sounds, the striking of bells, the slow passage of time, and he reproduces it through an audio installation held at the Provincial Railway Station of Modena.

Present for the FIRST TIME in Italy.

With the project entitled "Gibilterra. Geografie migranti" the two architects Federico Zanfi and Filippo Poli (f/p + f/z), have carried out research into the movements of migratory flows from Morocco to the south of Spain, analysing the crossing of boundaries at the Gibraltar Strait. For Going Public'04, they have proposed a complex work never seen before: an enormous carpet onto which the migration routes are drawn. The graphics are accompanied by graphics and the stories of those who have travelled those routes.

Present for the FIRST TIME in Italy.

Via the use of two different video-installations, the artists present their critique of the system of territorial occupation adopted by their country. Ofri Cnaani proposes a video in which the fight between two women in a territory near Tel Aviv, turns into a kind of dance. Sigalit Landau really does "dance" with barbed wire, an agonising piercing hula-hoop which reflects the situation her country is living through.

film director. Maker of the feature-length "On the other side", set in Tijuana, an emblematic Mexican city on the border with the USA. The film will have its NATIONAL DEBUT at the "Sala Truffaut" cinema on Wednesday 27th October in Modena: a double great event, since it is also the 25th anniversary of the death of Francois Truffaut.

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