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Kriterion Art House, Sarajevo

Project: aMAZElab Art&Cultures, Milan

Original idea and Art Director: Claudia Zanfi


ALTERAZIONI VIDEO / Tirana Ekspres Collective

Curated by Claudia Zanfi (Director of aMAZElab Milan), 

Edi Muka (Co-Director and curator of TICA – Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art)

Milano Design Week

GREEN ISLAND is a moment of reflection on key subjects such as sustainability, urban green and landscape as a whole.

Skopje (Republic of Macedonia)

Open (the) city is part of the international project ARCIPELAGO BALKANI curated by Claudia Zanfi (director aMAZElab), that aims to identify the city as an open space, a place of exchange and en

AMAZElab Creative Space (Milano - Italy)

On the occasion of the Sustainable Mondays, evenings held once a month dedicated to green spaces and socialising, the cultural organization

Lucca Digital Photo Fest

For the first time, in occasion of Lucca Digital Photo Fest, on show a selection of the vintage colour prints from the serie Sub

Modena, Italy

OPEN CITY means to identify the city as an open space, a place of exchange and encounter, of freedom and equity, a crossroads of cultures.

aMAZElab turns 10!

From the international platforms of reflection and practices in public spaces like GOING PUBLIC, to the projects held throughout the Mediterranean area (Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Tangiers, Marseilles, Palermo, Barcelona, Athens and Istanbul).

Odessa, Baltic Sea

Committed since long in actions against geographical walls and divisions among cultures, aMAZElab has been invited to participate to the exhibition ‘Horizonte Zingst’ in Odessa (Baltic Sea), former starting point of the ‘iron curtain’.

Milano Design Week

As part of the Fuori Salone 2010 (14th-19th April), aMAZElab presents the eighth edition of the GREEN ISLAND event, dedicated to urban green spaces, territory and biodiversity.

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