SATURDAY 23rd February 2013 – 6.00pm

'Tavola Botanica' is a project dedicated to BIO subjects: food, art, crafts and culture within the field of sustainability. A moment of encounter and culture promoted by the studio aMAZElab/Green Island.




On this occasion, Claudia Zanfi will present the guide to wild plants, FLORA URBANA, produced in collaboration with the director of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Milan Dr. Enrico Banfi and the botanist Francesca Oggionni. The publication, which has received various awards and reached fifth place in the bestseller list at the Feltrinelli Bookshop in Milan, introduces a series of wild plants, both edible and rich in purifying qualities, which challenge the onset of asphalt to take root inside our cities. A special section of the book is dedicated to the rediscovery of urban vegetable gardens, with the cultivation of tomatoes, lettuces and herbs on terraces and windowsills, as well as the creation of artists’ gardens. Especially for the occasion, seeds and tools for small gardens and vegetable patches will be made available.
The presentation will be also accompanied by the art works of Luca Neri, who has long focused on the drawing of natural elements – landscapes, animals, plants, herbs and flowers – and whose works are reminiscent of splendid herbaria and ancient botanical tables.
SATURDAY 23rd February 2013 – 6.00pm
via Pascoli 54, Formigine, Modena (Italy)