From the interview with Sergio Rivi

S. Michele dei Mucchietti, Monday 02/12/2002, 18,30

[...] well, the Resistance was seen…, after the war as something fantastic. In the early years, for quite a few years, the Resistance was a party. I remember Liberation day and I’ll never forget it, because I hadn’t thought there were so many Partisans in the mountains, and then when they told me that just as they were passing through here – I thought all the Partisans in the mountains had to pass through San Michele because there were so many – but they said it was just the same in Castellarano and in Maranello…I mean, just how many Partisans were there in the mountains? It was incredible. It was a party, despite all the poverty we lived in…, but I’ve never seen so much happiness, we danced from the evening right through to the next morning, it was just a non-stop celebration. […].