From the interview with Pio Martini

Pozza di Maranello, Monday 02/12/2002, 11,30

[...] then here at the old schools there was a captain from San Marco who was collaborating with the Germans and so…, he was a nasty piece of work was this captain: when his sister and his mother went to visit him, he’d make them spend the night in prison. An excise officer from Maranello and a Partisan wanted to knock him off. One of them hid in a ditch, the other one pretended to be a farmer pruning a grapevine up a ladder. So, when the guy started crossing the field to go back home in Alta Villa, he had left the school and was crossing the fields to go home to bed. The one pruning the grapevine shouted out, “Captain, let me tell you something”, then he came down the ladder and gave him a great big punch in the face, and they started fighting and the other one got out of the ditch and they got him and took him up to Torre Maina; I don’t know whether they knocked him off or not [...].